Waxy and oily leather shoe care

At Ziera, we take pride in providing premium materials that are designed to last.

To ensure the longevity of your shoes, please use the guidelines below.

  1. Place an old piece of cloth or newspaper down to keep your work surface tidy.
  2. Use a dry shoe brush to lightly buff the surface of the shoe, the goal here is to remove dirt and debris that can eventually damage your natural leather shoes, for more stubborn dirt use a damp cloth and rub gently in circular motion. If you wear these shoes often, doing this once a week should be enough.
  3. Let your shoes completely air dry at room temperature.
  4. You should use a matching coloured polish and a clean cloth, alternately you could use a natural polish, this will cover many colours of footwear but ensure you use a clean cloth or sponge when applying so that you don’t transfer the colours.
  5. Every 3-6 months we recommend you waterproof your shoes with a water and stain protector spray. Make sure you lightly spray a very thin coat to cover the surface of the shoes at arms-length. This is best applied once you have conditioned your footwear.

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